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Ditching the car is not the way to ditch the cops

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

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Peterborough OPP commemorates Remembrance Day in Buckhorn, Ontario

TORONTO, Ont. (24/10/20180 – A man appeared in court at Old City Hall on October 23, 2018, Around 10 A.M., in Room 101 after he was arrested by Toronto police of ditching his black Range Rover and walking away.

According to Toronto Police, “passersby noticed a black Range Rover in a ditch - the driver began walking away from the scene - officers located him a short distance away - He was believed to be impaired and arrested - a search uncovered a quantity of cocaine, a large quantity of money and a loaded firearm concealed in his clothing.”

The man was charged with a total of 15 counts.

1. Impaired Operation of Motor Vehicle by Drug 

2. Two counts of Handle Firearm Carelessly  

3. Possess Restricted or Prohibited Firearm Without Holding a Licence

4. Unlicensed Person Possess Restricted Weapon

5. Possess Restricted Firearm Knowingly not Holding a Licence

6. Possess Restricted Weapon Knowing No Authority 

7. Possess Loaded Regulated Firearm

8. Possess Firearm Obtained by Crime 

9. Possess Weapon Dangerous to Public Peace

10. Occupy Motor Vehicle with Firearm

11. Possess Firearm with Altered Serial Number

12. Possess Restricted Weapon Knowing No Authority 

13. Possess Schedule I Substance for Trafficking

14. Unlawfully Possess Schedule I Substance

15. Possess Proceeds of Crime Over 

The Toronto police are serious about finding impaired drivers on the roads and charging them with maximum sentences. Drivers are advised to refrain from driving while under the influence of drugs, alcohol or both.

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