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Hakim Aka: Khushal Khattak

Updated: May 4, 2019

Written by Assadullah Sharifi

Complete works of Khushal Khattak

Villager: Hakim Aka, how are you?

Hakim Aka: I am not too bad. Just sitting under this tall-green tree.

Villager: Who were you talking to?

Hakim Aka: I wasn’t talking to anyone. Who do you think I was talking to? I was all by myself until you arrived and disturbed my peace!

Villager: I swear, you were talking to someone when I arrived. You stopped. See, I am very suspicious of your love affair. I understand how much you are suffering. Love’s pain is very deep and dangerous. In our village, you can neither tell anyone nor hide it. It is like a non-healing, chronic wound that keeps on bleeding. Hakim Aka, please tell me, who is this lucky lady who has stolen your heart? See, in the entire village, I am the only one who enquires about your wellbeing. Therefore, you must understand, that I am your only true friend. Your secret is my secret, I promise!

Hakim Aka: A strange and strong-headed people you are! You accuse an innocent man of a nonexistent love affair. I am not in Love! Not in Love! Not in love! Do you get it?

Villager: Then who were you talking to?

Hakim Aka: You drive me crazy! Crazy! Crazy! I was speaking with Khushal[1]Khattak!

Villager: HAHAHAH! You were talking to Khushal Khattak? Is Khushal Khattak your imaginary friend or something? If your meaning is Khushal Khattak the poet, he has passed some 330 years ago. Ufff! Hakim Aka, you are so very dear to me. Your words are simple but sweet. Do tell me, what were you conversing with Khushal Khattak about? What did you two discuss? Love?

Hakim Aka: Yes, I was indeed speaking to Khushal Khattak, the old poet! Although to you he is dead and deceased but to me, he is still alive and well. My naïve friend! In your head, there isn’t enough intellect to distinguish between death and life. Dead are those who have left no good name behind them. Dead are the ones who have left nothing of value to the future generations.

Villager: See Hakim Aka, you directly attacked me again. Do tell me, what did Khushal Khattak speak to you about? And how is it possible that the living can communicate with the departed?

Hakim Aka: Book! Man, Book! Khushal Khattak spoke to me through his book. This book! Look! Unlike yours and mine, his voice cannot be easily silenced. Unlike you and I, he is not chained to the tower of time. Even after death, he speaks to you and me. Khushal Khattak’s voice will live in the pages of this book to the eternity. He calls upon us and encourages us towards goodness. He still teaches us valuable lessons. But you are still young and raw. You do not yet understand Khushal Khattak’s calls. Listen to what he has to say:

Every deed of Pashtuns is better than the Mongols

Unity they have not is a regret

I hear voices of Bahlol and Shirshah

When Pashtuns in India were kings

Seven to eight centuries their kingdom strived

Surprised was everyone to their rule of law

You may read the rest of this poem. Hopefully your inner eyes will get enlightened.


Either those Pashtuns were others, and these others

Or, these are new orders of God

If Pashtuns receive blessings of unity

This old “Khushal” will get back his youth

Ahhh! Hakim Aka! May God bless and reward you. I learned a lot today. Khushal Baba has spoken well. I will also share Khushal Khattak’s writings with my friends.


[1] This story has been translated from Pashto language into English by Assadullah Sharifi

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