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Hakim Akka: Rahman Baba

written and translated by Assad Sharifi

Hakim Akka:

These resembling alive, are indeed, all dead

The way they seem, do not assume, they are

My own life’s days and nights when I recall,

As though, the water of a river they flow.

~ Rahman Baba

Villager: Hakim Akka! How are you?

Hakim Akka: Ahhhhhh! Idiot! You scared me! You always unexpectedly call on me. At least let me know in advance of your arrival. I am sure, you will be seeking me even in my grave.

Villager: I like you. That’s why, I always seek you out. You were humming a beautiful melody. In which Juliet’s thoughts are you steeped again?

Hakim Akka: What melody? Leave me alone! I ran away from the village in order to get some peace and privacy, but just like my shadow, you always follow me and ask me nonsense questions. The minute a sound escapes my mouth, there you are, in front of me. Get a life! Will you?

Villager: You were humming. In fact, you were humming with a lot of passion. But when you saw me, you stopped. Listen, day by day, I am more convinced that you are in love. I know how much you are suffering. The pain of love is extremely bitter indeed. Love’s pain cannot be revealed to anyone, nor can it be hidden from the masses. Just like an infected wound, love’s laceration always bleeds. Hakim Akka, do tell me, who is this lucky maiden who has stolen your heart? See, in the entire village, I am the only one who asks about your wellbeing. Therefore, you must know that I am your only true friend.

Hakim Akka: You are truly a stubborn and hard-headed stock. You accuse innocent people of unfound offenses. I am not in love! Not in love! Not in love! How many times must I deny my love?

Villager: Then why were you humming such a painful melody?

Hakim Akka: Man, you drive me crazy. CRAZY! I was reciting Rahman Baba[1]’s poem.

Villager: HAHAHAHAHA! Now I understand. I completely comprehend you. Rahman Baba was a sage of lovers. All his poems circle around love. Rahman Baba was a poet drenched in love. That’s why I always ask you to tell me who is this moonlight beloved of yours, who has made you into an insane being. I will go to her father and will beg him for his daughter’s hand, so your dream can be fulfilled.

Hakim Akka: It seems that you do not understand anything. To you, love is of a beautiful woman only. You are just seeking pretty faces. But, Rahman Baba loved God. His heart was always occupied with God’s remembrance. You are steeped in worldly love only. But Rahman Baba was engaged in spiritual love alone. Read these poems, so that you may understand whether they are about spiritual love or worldly love.


Those unware of God’s love,

Are asleep, even if seem awake,

Only God knows the Depth of Rahman’s heart,

What he carries in the shadows of his heart.

~ Rahman Baba

Hakim Akka: What say you now about Rahman Baba’s poetry?

Villager: Hakim Akka, may God reward you. I just learned something beautiful about Rahman Baba and his poems. I thank you for your generosity. Rahman Baba indeed speaks of very meaningful issues. I will go and tell all my friends to leave Facebook and TV shows alone, and instead, they should read books. Goodbye Hakim Akka.

[1] A prominent Pashtun poet.

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